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Abstract: This article is aimed at introducing Hans Küng’s global
ethic and its contributions to world peace. Various crises which
have hit and are hitting the world motivated Küng to again
struggle to bring peace about and to establish a new, better life
order. By a global ethic – a basic consensus on binding values, noncancellable
criteria, and basic attitudes which are affirmed by all
religions, although dogmatically they are different, and which can
actually be given by non-believers – Küng emphasizes important
roles of religions without disregarding non-religious communities,
which are principally present to bring peace about as the main
characteristic of their teachings. Specifically, Küng’s opinion is
relevant in an effort to bring peace about in Indonesia, which is
very plural. Realizing that threats against peace and plurality in
Indonesia often come and result from interreligious conflicts, a
dialogue is absolutely necessary. As a concrete form of a global
ethic, Küng suggests a critical dialogue. Representatives of the
religions in Indonesia need to step forward and sit together in a
give-and-take dialogue which introduces the special aspect and
main direction of each of the religions. Followers’ steadfastness
in the principles and seriousness in following the religions are
two main keys to a critical dialogue, which can penetrate the
foundation of each religion with all of its consequences.

Keywords: Peace, Crisis, Global Ethic, Religion, Critical Dialogue

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