John Mansford Prior


This essay looks at human trafficking as the underbelly of an unregulated global
economy. Using data collated by the UN and studies undertaken by independent
research institutes, the global pattern of trafficking is outlined before focusing on
Southeast Asia, a key hub in this modern form of slavery. Key characteristics and
motivations are delineated with reference to UN definitions and legislation in
Southeast Asia. Attention is given to the global need for cheap labour, sex workers
and the widespread trafficking of children. Then, the phenomenon is seen through
the eyes of faith drawing on four key biblical attitudes: upholding human dignity
(protection), reaching to the heart (prevention), naming the sin (prosecution),
and extending Gospel community (partnering).

Kata-kata Kunci: Ekonomi global, perdagangan manusia, perdagangan
perempuan dan anak-anak, undang-undang Asia Tenggara, perlindungan,
pencegahan, jaringan berbasis iman.

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