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Globalization, as Anthony Giddens defines it, denotes a shift in the spatial form
of human organization and activity to transcontinental or inter-regional patterns
of activity, interaction and exercise of power. Under the spirit of capitalism, it
can destroy our jobs, hollow out the decision-making power of government, and
even threaten the nation-state as the nub of our kind of democracy. Critics of
globalization worry about the inability of governments to set their own economic
policies. They also worry about the increased power of financial markets to cause
economic havoc. Looking at the ethical proposal to this problematic context, this
article proposes that we move from an ethical study of the rational foundations
of moral norms to a political reflection on the democratic construction of social
norms. In such democratic construction, the plurality of views of life will be
protected against overweening global capitalism.

Kata-kata kunci: Globalisasi, kapitalisme, etika, demokrasi

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